The Art of Seeing

The things we choose to pay attention to can determine the quality of each moment we experience, as well as the impacts these moments can have on us. Sometimes seemingly small details, if and when they are noticed, can affect us deeply, in profound and unexpected ways.

When I am exploring a new or unfamiliar place, I pay close attention to the artwork that exists within that place. I find you can tell a lot about a place by the kinds of art it displays both in its galleries as well as throughout its streets, such as: who lives in that place, what they see, and how they see it.

This past weekend, while lost in exploring downtown St. John’s, I saw art everywhere. I was consistently stopped in my tracks by everything from the colourful graffiti to the architecture of the city itself.

The art created and displayed within the galleries as well as at the various exhibits during iNuit blanche was even more awe-inspiring:

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Art can be simultaneously ordered and chaotic. It can offer a sense of time, place, and memory. It can show us how wonderful, maddening, painful, beautiful, and fleeting life can be. Just pay attention, and you’ll see.

Art is about taking the risk of engaging in something somewhat ridiculous and irrational simply because you need to get a closer look at it, you simply need to break it open to see what’s inside.


Teresita Fernández


Art is a way of preserving experiences, of which there are many transient and beautiful examples, and that we need help containing.


Alain de Botton


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